Katalin Hausel


Hungarian artist, designer and educator, currently in residence in Switzerland. With an academic background in history, philosophy and studio art, for many years the primary focus of my work had been making drawings, sculptures and installations. In the last 4 years, my  activities shifted – I have been working on the unMonastery, an ambitious project to create a network of spaces that will house 21st century monastic communities working with new technology as well as timeless tools for sustainable, simple, cooperative living. We have run several testlabs and developed the unMonastery toolkit – 4 books, a pack of design pattern cards, a speaking stone and a memory stick with electronic tools for co-living co-working projects. In the last 2 years I started to collaborate with the Amanitas group, EuforiaCollaboratio Helvetica, and I recently joined the Pandora Hub team in Spain. Other projects include Le Jardin Victor in FranceThe Conviviality School, and Patchwork Timebank.